Överraskningar med Ålla Teatern Sweden
Sundsvalls museum

Graphic Design: Niklas Fagerholm
Client: Petter Österlund, Sundsvalls museum

Description: 70x100cm Poster Triptych for Art exhib
 "Överraskiningar med Ålla Teatern"
(Surprises with Ålla Teatern Sweden) at Sundsvalls museum

Ållateatern (the Ålla theatre) is a theatre group in Sundsvall, Sweden.
The theatre started 1994, with the opera Carmen.
In 1998, the group was invited to play Carmen in Parque del Alamillo, Sevilla.
In 2009 Ållateatern interpreted Moliére's Le Malade imaginaire,
and performed it on their theatre attic, with sold out performances.

Ållateatern is made up of 75 members, some of them with learning disabilities.
The most important thing in the theatre group is,
that everyone should feel respected,
involved and that professional performance can be done in a playful and artistic way!

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