ANTIBIOTIKA RESISTENs: Infektioner orsakade av resistenta bakterier resulterar i 500 000 dödsfall årligen världen över.
år 2050 beräknas den siffran vara 10 miljoner. (Läkare utan gränser)

Poster for the annual Exhibition about ”Sustainable commercial packaging”
The exhibition is the result of the students Final thesis project at Mid Sweden Universities education in Graphic design.
I’m responsible for the course, wrote the assignment, curated the exhibition at Sundsvalls Art Museum
and designed the poster (70x100cm).

The assignement framework is ”Sustainable Commercial Packaging”:
Give an integrated scientific and artistic approach how Commercial Packaging Concepts can contribute
to a sustainable development. A commercial packaging concept contributes to sustainable development
when it in a business oriented way is part of solving one of the 17 sustainable development goals set up by the UN.

Sustainable Commercial packaging
1. Research part: (Scientific research) Find, define, research and analyze a sustainability problem.
2. Creative part (Design process) Create a solution to your problem by creating  a sustainable
commercial packaging design concept.
3. Reflective part (In and On action) Exhibit, publish and present both your work process and your results.

1. To research and visualize how commercial brands, products and packaging design can solve rather than
cause sustainability problems.
2. Visualize packaging design problems
3. Research how scientific analasys and the designprocess can create sustainable commercial opportunities.
4. Visualisation of UNs 17 sustainability goals.
5. Challenge the classic role of the graphic designer/packaging designer. Go from consultant to entreprenuer.
Design thinking and design authorship rather than design consulting.  
6. Visualisation of which sustainability problems design students find most important

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